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We maintain both a Reservation List (deposit required) and a Wait List (no deposit required). Please specify which you would prefer when filling out our Kidding Schedule Reservation Form after reading the following:


If you think you might be interested in a kid from one our breedings but aren’t ready to commit, please join our Wait List


If you are certain that you want a kid from one of our breedings, please join our Reservation List and make a Deposit. Available reservations can be secured with a $50 Deposit per breeding pair. (If you place a deposit for a specific breeding and we are unable to fulfill the reservation (kid isnt born/sex) this is the only circumstance in which you will receive a full refund of your deposit. OR you may use it as credit towards another goat or roll it over to the next kidding season).

When kids are born, we will notify those on the Reservation List in the order they were received. After the Reservation List is fulfilled, we will then move on to the Wait List.



-A goat will not be held, or considered to be reserved, until a deposit has been received. NO EXCEPTIONS.

-We reserve the right to retain any goat for any reason, at any time. If we elect to retain a kid from a breeding with a deposit, your deposit will be immediately refunded. 

-We reserve the right to terminate a sale at any time if we feel necessary in which a full refund would be made.




When kids are born, we will notify those on the Reservation List in the order they were received. After the Reservation List is fulfilled, we will then move on to the Wait List. Once a kid is chosen, we will need a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit of the total sales price made within 24 hours to hold the goat for you until it is weaned. The rest of the payment must be made before or at the time of pickup. NO EXCEPTIONS.


PLEASE NOTE: Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless a kid were to become ill or die before the time of pickup in which a refund would be made. NO EXCEPTIONS.



We guarantee that our kids are in perfect health BEFORE they leave our farm. The buyer will sign a sales contract agreeing to the animal and it’s health at the time of pick-up. 


Any animals leaving on ground transport will be accompanied with a veterinary health certificate at the expense of the buyer. Veterinary examination for local pickups may be performed at the request and expense of the buyer. 


Once the animal leaves our property we are no longer responsible for any illness or injury that may occur. 


We test our herd yearly for CL, CAE & Johnes. Copies of our test results can be provided at any time.



We only accept payment through PayPal, Venmo or Cash.

Payment must be made in full before or at the time of pickup. No Exceptions.

All buyers are required to read and sign our sales contract before purchasing an animal. 



Kids will be ready for pickup between the ages of 8-12 weeks old as long as we feel they are ready to leave and be on their own. (unless they are leaving on bottle in which case they can leave sooner). 


Kids must be picked up from our farm within 14 days (post weaning or on bottle), if a kid cannot be transported/picked up within the 14 day period, boarding can be arranged at $3 per day which will be paid by buyer before the goat leaves our farm. Failure to pick up or arrange transport within 14 days from the sale date may result in cancellation of the sale, forfeit of your deposit, and the goat may be retained or be listed for sale.


If ground transport is being arranged, the buyer is responsible for all fees, testing and health certificates associated with the transport of the kid.

All kids will come with registration papers, be tattooed, disbudded and have their CD/T vaccination unless discussed otherwise. If you do not want your kids disbudded, you must pay for them in full within 24 hours of being born. This will be a non-refundable payment.


We prefer to keep a small scale herd. If you see an adult animal you may be interested in please contact us. In the rare instance we decide to sell that specific animal, we will contact you first.



If your reservation is not fulfilled, you must contact us if you want to be on the reservation list for the following year. Keep in mind we may breed the doe to a different buck and prices may change depending. 


The prices of all of our kids are subject to change upon evaluation of the kids themselves and their dam's udder. Any changes will be communicated to potential buyers immediately.


There may be rare instances where we prefer to sell a kid to a performance home. This is one of the only instances in which we may not follow the order of reservations on a breeding. We are a performance herd and it is important to us that some of our kids make it into the show ring, DHIR/LA. 

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